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Do you know momos killing you bit by bit

All the momos lover how are you doing? I know you all are fantastic and shocked as well and today I am gonna tell you to be alert and awake otherwise don’t say I didn’t warn you,

If you are street food lover then you definitely would have eaten momos , for couple of past years craziness for “momos” has been growing in India and maximum vital cause is it’s quite simple to get,

Amazing thing is they’re reasonably-priced to shop for but in case you are having momos day by day then I need to share you something that it’s far dangerous to health so don’t search how to make momos but also read the other side as well.

However, you might be wondering what the hell? why this guy is saying that our favorite street food is a slow poison, it’s not gonna possible because it is one of the delicious food and steamed as well not fried and now become the king of streets.

but rather than asking these questions

  • How can I make chicken momos at home?
  • What are momos called in Chinese?
  • How to make momos in Hindi?


you must consider this concern seriously and have a look at the article.

Like I said first I used to think like you too and I used to be a momos lover reason being I did not know the side consequences of over-intake of it,

The worst part is I had forgotten that it turned into killing me little by little, however, at some point, I got here to recognize that one side I am taking part in the taste of momos and on the other side I am inviting diseases.

Yeah, I believe you its miles hard to consider but if you will study this article till the end then I promise you may save your kids, parents, friends, and circle of relatives healthcare and could preserve them wholesome as usually so these days I want to share the darkest face of momos.

Momos Ingredients Is a Slow Poison a Study By Institute of Hotel Management

Ingredients we are adding to cook momos is really poisons and even you need Refined flour which is not so good for your stomach as well, to prepare it you have to fill chopped vegetables into the dough and steam it for 20 minutes.

Refined flour contains Benzoyl peroxide to bleach it and make it white and shiny, Moreover refined flour is essential to make momos and it’s having lot of side effects,


Here I am going to share you the dark side of momos if you are momo lover then you really need to know the side effects because prevention is better than cure so let’s go and check it out the side effects of it.

Refined flour is obtained from the staple crop -Wheat. whilst wheat is milled to provide a quality flour, this flour which is obtained is referred to as Maida.

Wheat undergoes a lot of chemical processing to provide maida flour. allow me to short you a touch of momos refined flour at the processing method on how is maida made.


  1. Wheat procurement– The wheat is harvested from the sphere and brought for submitting harvesting to turbines.
  2. Sorting– The wheat grain is stored in storing packing containers and made certain it is free from infestation.
  3. Separators – The grain is then despatched to magnetic separators to dispose of iron filling and different dirt, as well as debris, clung to the surface of the grain.
  4. Brushers– The outermost layer is known as the bran, wealthy in fiber. Iron stickle brushers run over the wheat to cast off the bran leaving the endosperm exposed.
  5. Milling– The endosperm is milled into wheat flour. At this level, the wheat is called atta or your healthful chapati flour.
  6. Sieving – The wheat flour is pressed via a completely first-rate microsieve to attain finely subtle flour! hence receives the call subtle flour.
  7. Bleaching – The flour is now handled with Benzoyl Peroxide (A relatively poisonous bleaching agent)
  8. Softening– Alloxan – an organic compound is used for softening maida flour. Now you recognize how your tasty momos and roomali rotis get stretched as much as a bedsheet.

Side Effects of Refined flour (Maida) in momos

You’ll clearly say so after analyzing this. Discussing the researches and studies which had been carried out it becomes visible that the chemical compounds used for bleaching and softening of maida flour were coupled with that used for Insulin testing in pigs and rats.

Likewise, benzoyl Peroxide changed into used in a material mill and textile enterprise as a bleaching agent, can you believe that momos we eat have chemicals, Even worse is that we consume most of these chemical compounds every day. Couldn’t surely consider your eyes on this one right?

Momos: Why Wheat Flour Is Better Than Maida

Did complete wheat flour is wealthy in dietary fiber content material whilst compared to maida? The dietary fibers in atta increase the load of your feces and soften it.

Because of this reality, it facilitates in the easy motion of the feces inside the intestinal tract with fewer traces stopping the problem of constipation. similarly to this, this fiber also acts as meals for the intestinal vegetation and promotes probiotic boom main to a healthy bowel gadget, so momos contain maida is harmful.


Specifically, it allows in the control of sugar degree because the fiber slows down the release of sugar from the food. The fiber now not simplest acts on sugar however also lowers LDL-levels of cholesterol.

So allow’s get lower back to the factor of weight problems, wheat atta takes a longer time to chew and makes you feel fuller quick resulting in a fortunate weight loss.

Don’t Even Think To Have Momos If You Have DIABETES

Low Glycemic index in wheat flour hinders the sudden shoot on your blood glucose degree! happy news for diabetes!
Not simplest does this help humans with low insulin,

However, it allows human beings on the verge of type 2 Diabetes and coronary heart illnesses. at the opposite to wheat atta, maida is said to have a better glycemic index and tends to mess with the sugar and insulin levels.

So be conscious!!!
Maida nutrition is ZERO

Maida has a range of facet results on the body and on using it for a long duration, it ain’t going to turn healthy.

Check out problems caused by momos
  • Increase in Blood Glucose level
  • Inflammatory disorder like Arthritis
  • extended cravings leading to weight increase.
  • Intestinal Bloating
  • Intolerances and meals hypersensitive reaction.
  • Imbalance within the acidity and alkalinity in the frame

A research by INSTITUTE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT, Catering and nutrition, confirmed that Delhi mainly samosas, gol gappas, burgers, and momos – contained fecal count number tons past the permissible coliform degrees (2400MPN against 50MPN). these pathogens included Bacillus cereus, clostridium perfringens, Staphylococcus aureus, and Salmonella species. those are chargeable for diarrhea, belly cramps, typhoid or even, meals poisoning.


Once upon a time, I was a momo lover and I used to have it around 10 pieces every day as it is one of the delicious street food and I was so addicted to it even I had forgotten that I was inviting diseases.

Gradually I started facing stomach problems like gas, constipation, acid, stomach pain and eventually ended up FOOD POISON.

I guess someday our government will announce that if you wanna get momos so link aadaar to joke apart.

In case you are eating sufficient fiber on your weight loss program that you can easily afford consuming junk now and again, then you can move ahead and feature your momos’ platter however if it’s your move-to food at the least thrice a week, it’s time you bid farewell to this addiction.

Despite the fact that, all the ingredients are dangerous to your health, momos topped the listing right here due to a mixture of all the wrong reasons. If you are nevertheless a fan and can not do without them, make them at home and attempt to use a fibrous cereal and fresher vegetables in the stead.

So today I have shared you the about the dark side of momos but it does not mean momo is bad too if you eat momos sometimes than it is okay because overeating of anything is dangerous right,

I hope u like my article then do share it with your friends, relatives etc.

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